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GTCbio is a leading information center that provides quality forums, which facilitate the exchange of biopharmaceutical and biomedical intelligence between industry leaders, academic and government organizations, and the financial community. Our conferences cover a variety of topics, such as stem cell therapeutics, infectious diseases, biotech partnering, pharmaceutical litigation, government regulation, bio-based chemicals and many more. Founded in 2002, GTCbio stimulates scientific discussions, offers key business insights, and promotes partnering and deal-making in the ever-changing biotech and pharmaceutical world.

The 15th Anti-infectives Partnering and Deal-Making Conference 2018 covers topics such as:

New Government Initiatives and Non-Dilutive Funding

Antibiotic Valuation and Reimbursements

New Approaches to Regulatory

Trends in the Anti-Infectives Marketplace

The Re-Emergence of Big Pharma in Anti-Infectives: Cause and Effect

Diagnostics and Antibiotics

Partnering in Anti-Infectives: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Regulatory Guidance and Overcoming Challenges in Anti-Infectives Development

The 15th Anti-infectives Partnering and Deal-Making Conference 2018 brings together executives and researchers from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and academia.