Etkinlik Bilgisi

For the31st APACRS annual meeting in 2018,  we are heading to thecool second city of Thailand—Chiang Mai, situated in the hilly north, away fromthe crowded streets and bustle of Bangkok.  Chiang Mai is very wellconnected along international routes.

We arepartnering with the cataract and refractive surgery interest group of the RoyalCollege of Ophthalmologists of Thailand (RCOPT) under the leadership of DrPannet Pangputhipong and Dr Pichit Naripthaphan. As always, our scientificcommittee is already planning a focused and relevant scientific program as hasbeen our hallmark.  Log on to formeeting updates.

Join us in Chiang Mai for the 31st APACRS annual meeting!

Adj.Assoc. Prof Ronald Yeoh


Asia-PacificAssociation of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (APACRS)