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Yoichi Nakanishi, M.D., PhD

Congress President, 

2018 Japanese Society of Medical Oncology Annual Meeting

Professor and Director, 

Research Institute for Diseases of the Chest, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University, Japan

Dear Colleagues, 

On behalf of the scientific committee, it gives us immense pleasure to invite you to the 2018 Japanese Society of Medical Oncology Annual Meeting (JSMO2018) to be held on July 19-21, 2018 in Kobe, Japan.

The theme of the meeting is “Beyond Borders-Nation, Organ, Profession” and the program will emphasize wider globalization of its scientific mobility as JSMO advances into the future. To enhance the meeting, internationally noted researchers are invited to provide platforms for high-level discussions of cutting edge information. We also expanded Travel Awardees to 100 and encourage Abstract submissions from overseas. 

We have reviewed scientific program structures afresh for this meeting and revised programs across organs and occupations among newly established 15 organizations thus, aim to offer the latest and well-balanced scientific meetings. Furthermore, we are planning a comprehensive program including widely noted topics and themes of today such as dynamic clinical oncology, new drug development and surrounding regulatory law and legislation.

We believe the 3 day meeting will profit not only medical staff but patients and families alike. 

We will do our utmost to plan the program meaningful to all those involved with cancer; beyond the nation, beyond organs, and beyond profession. 

We look forward to welcoming you in July in Kobe!


Place of Stay : Kobe city

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